Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FREE Brushes and How to Install Brushes into Photoshop

Get our Friendship Word Art .PSD Brushes and .PNG files FREE! Love Brushes and word art? Get the OH MY WORD ART BUNDLE for only $8! Check it out now! Scroll down to learn how to install your brush files.
Once you have downloaded the .abr file know where you saved it. There should be a brushes folder inside your adobe PhotoShop preset C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop___(your version)\Presets\Brushes. You should save all your brushes here. If you didn't already save it there then I would move it to that folder. Now open a new file in  PhotoShop or what ever file you are wanting to use your brushes on then we can get started.

1. Top left of  PhotoShop you will see Brush. Click the little black drop down arrow next to it. 

2. Click the little black arrow pointing to the right.

3. Click Load Brushes.
4. Select the brush set that you would like to use click Load and ENJOY!   

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