Saturday, December 7, 2013

Use Doodlebats to Decorate Photos

What's a doodlebat?  It's a picture font...and SnF has a TON of them.  They make great additions to a number of projects but we love decorating our photos with them.  Download a doodlebat from SnF.  It comes with a handy reference chart so you know the picture equivalent for each letter.  Choose your letter, and size it and place it on your photo in your favorite photo editor.  You can even use a word processor!  

Did you know you can use doodlebats on your smart phone?    You can because they are simple .ttf files. All you need is to download a free photo/font editor from your app provider, like Phonto.  Just go to SnF, buy your doodlebats, download and install to the font folder on your phone and's available for your phone photos! 

Shop doodlebats now during the dollar sale.  Only $1 each!

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